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It’s been six months since I kissed my boyfriend for the last time.

It’s been six months since I kissed his best friend, too.

Kayla Connor knows that Jax Kennedy never intended to get involved with a girl… especially not the girlfriend of his best friend Nick, the guy he’s been in love with forever. But six months ago sparks flew… and all three of them got burnt.

After that kiss, Nick ran. Now the tenuous friendship between Kayla and Jax is all that connects either of them to the man that they both love. There’s no chance left for the two of them, but each cares too much about the other to let go.

When Kayla needs a ‘boyfriend’ for a trip back home, she turns to the only guy she knows who will do it. But Jax isn’t sure he can be what Kayla needs, not matter how much he wants to.

Being in such close quarters with Jax has Kayla wrestling with both guilt and desire.
What do you choose when you love two different people, and both of those people love you back?

**This book deals with issues of sexual identity and sexual experimentation. Recommended for mature readers aged 17+ due to language and sexual content.**

The story of TEMPT ME TWICE unfolds over the course of several short novels.While this book stands alone, reading the free novella Love Me Twice will give you some fun backstory.



And as if all of that isn’t exciting enough, starting on October 9, Love Me If You Dare will
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